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The art is cut completely through the wood, and there are no glued pieces in any of the art.
The wood is 1/8th inch Baltic Birch. The backround is Sulphite paper, it's inexpensive and will not fade as construction paper does.
What you receive by purchasing this hobby / craft is:

Dewalt 788 Scroll saw, stand, & flying dutchman /02 spiral blades
15, 6 foot racks for display, simple to set-up & take down
NEW 10 x 10 Easy-up with sippered corners and entrance
Palm sander with paper
Label paper for patterns
20 New 10 x 13 frames with glass
More than 30 finished framed cuttings (I have them for only $20. and get $15. on each one! Most craft people sell them for more)
More than 75 finished unframed cutting... (just pop them in a frame and they are done. You can get NEW frames, with glass for only $3.99 each, and they will ship to your door!)
Enough Baltic Birch for 100+ more cuttings, some already cut to 10 x 13
And, other materials for the craft including label papaer for patterns, travel tubs and cardboard for seperation
Web address to get absolutely free daily patterns sent to your inbox.
Web address that has too many free patters to mention, for every level of expertise, to download at your convienence...

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THE PRICE? This Is A Great Value At ONLY...

The saw is valued at $250
The New Pop up ----- $200
Framed cuttings----- $600++ There are more than 30, selling at $20. each.
Unframed cuttings--- $1200++ 75 or more at $16 each, just pop them in a $3.99 frame from Hobby Lobby.
Baltic Birch to cut- $100
Sulphite paper ++---- $ 50

VALUED OVER -> ------ $2500++

What's not included?
The only thing not included is our dremmel, we have a plunge router attached to it, to drill the small starting holes for the blade.
Plunge routers are inexpensive, they only guide the dremmel, and have no electiric parts...

In the catagories below, you'll see what the art looks like and some of what your getting. In the "Custom Cuts" catagory you'll see a variety of stuff cut for others, and what you will be able to do as well.
With your purchase, you will get numerous sports cuttings, including 5 Dallas, 4 Texas Longhorns, White Sox, Red Sox, Chiefs, Cards, TX Rangers, Seahawks... and so much more, all hand cut...

Custom Cuts Birds Safari Horses
Wolves and Deer Other critters Religious Toons
Sports Military Western People
Vehicles Dragons & More Desk names and Trivets Key fobs and Hair Sticks
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